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Vote Tuesday, November 6th!

Dear Kentwood Resident,

"I am a small business owner, a proud wife and mother and I love the City of Kentwood and Kent County. 

Kentwood deserves a leader who is accountable, honest and has the energy to be an active servant leader. Politics have become a nasty business, but I am ready to rise above the noise, above the bickering, above the things that divide us and be a positive voice for our shared values. 

While I am grateful of all the endorsements I've received from various well respected organizations, and businesses - the endorsement I seek MOST is yours. 

It would be a great honor to serve as your next county commissioner. " 

- Jessica Ann Tyson

Jessica Ann Seeks to ensure:

EVERY family in Kent County is represented and treated with respect and fairness in the community, workplace and in business. 

Safety for our schools, neighborhoods and businesses should be a priority.

ALL Kent County residents receive access to a world-class education, transportation, medical and fair housing.

I am committed to working with my colleagues, county and state to invest in our infrastructure. 

Pro - Business | Pro - Community

Pro - Family | Pro - Life

Vote November 6th

District 13

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